A major release of Synectics' Synergy software platform has been rolled out to provide greater support to casino customers worldwide.

Featuring impressive next-generation mapping, recording, and analytics integration developments, the release has been designed to help surveillance and casino management teams do more, with less effort, and navigate post-Covid conditions with ease.

Used by integrated resorts and casinos worldwide, Synergy is one of the industry's most popular command and control platforms. New functions and features in this latest release, including additional cybersecurity protection, build on that reputation.

"Synergy is a platform that matches powerful capability with the realities of fast-paced casino life. The new features we've introduced, based on feedback from both integrators and end-users, continue to make our customers’ day-to-day working lives easier."
Dan Noble, Product Manager – Synergy, Synectics

Simplify situational awareness with next-generation mapping

Synergy enables casinos to upload and navigate CAD maps of their property and asset layouts, with tools such as automatic camera plotting ensuring that any layout changes (for example, to gaming tables or slot machines) don't require lengthy re-programming of cameras.

Synergy's next-generation mapping engine ensures operators stay in control with visibility of real-time events – vital for gaming properties with a large camera count. It presents camera information and integrated device data in the form of 'glanceable' interactive icons and category clusters, providing users with a more efficient display of information that they can easily drill down into.

Surveillance operators can navigate to a specific area and immediately see all the cameras, access control panels, doors, and macros in that location, enabling them to quickly respond to incidents and review crucial evidence.

Safeguard footage, save time and effort

Synectics Intelligent Edge Recording extends camera SD card life by reducing write cycles, making it another important addition for casinos. Intelligent Edge Recording mitigates the risk of footage loss by using the in-built camera memory to store a cache of video footage, only writing to the SD card if the Synectics IP camera cannot connect to networked storage hardware. Synergy's backfilling functionality automatically retrieves this data and restores it to the server once available.

In addition to guaranteeing uninterrupted footage access for gaming regulation compliance, this extra redundancy mechanism avoids potential issues such as SD card malfunction or data loss due to overwriting. It reduces the cost to customers to mitigate the expense and disruption of replacing SD cards, with potentially significant labour and parts savings for larger casinos and resorts.

Plan better and resolve issues faster

Keeping track of surveillance and security system assets can make it difficult for casinos to troubleshoot issues relating to configuration or equipment compatibility – especially true for sites with large camera counts.

The Asset Register feature in the latest Synergy release solves this by presenting critical configuration, licensing, and version information for system hardware and software components. It allows managers, engineers, and authorised support teams to see everything they need to ensure the system runs smoothly, all through a single pane of glass.

Meet new challenges today, adapt easily tomorrow

Rounding off the latest developments are integrations that provide users with new ways to leverage the benefits of facial recognition and data analytics. For casinos in particular, these integrations support new requirements linked to Covid-related conditions such as social distancing and capacity monitoring.

These latest developments, and the many other features within Synergy, can be built to create a tailored platform, meaning casinos – and integrators working on their behalf – can select the exact capabilities needed to match operational requirements.

"Synergy has a vast range of capabilities and is designed to be both flexible and interoperable. We make it straightforward for our gaming customers to build a solution that meets their needs now, with the knowledge they can easily scale their solution to incorporate new technology and adapt to evolving business strategies."
Dan Noble, Product Manager – Synergy, Synectics

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