Where efficiency is key, Synergy's latest release helps customers increase productivity and efficiency while providing peace of mind protection.

This update simplifies complex tasks and ensures cyber security and data privacy, safeguarding every interaction. Synergy's latest features empower users with time-saving tools, making system management a breeze. With expanded integration options, it paves the way for a collaborative future that’s not just productive but also secure and user-friendly. 

Enhanced mapping capabilities and ease-of-use

More premium GIS maps are now supported, CAD maps are now included with the core Synergy license, and customisation and management of maps are easier.

  • CAD maps – now included with Core Synergy
  • CAD auto-plotting – updating CAD maps is quicker and easier with auto-plotting of interactive map items, alarms, help points, POS and more 
  • Customisable map icons help operators easily distinguish different types of cameras 
  • Map tooltips can now be enabled/disabled to declutter and make map navigation easier
  • ESRI Tiled, Feature and Dynamic Layer Support – secured by ArcGIS identity
  • The latest Synergy Maps is now included with the Synergy installer, simplifying installs and upgrades 

Cyber security and data privacy

Tighter controls on Synergy user activity harden the system against cyber attacks.

  • Auto-logout for user groups – configure the automatic logout at a User Group level in addition to individual users, simplifying user administration and system hardening.
  • Dormant user reporting – identify dormant users so that they can be disabled or re-used, reducing vulnerabilities
  • Password reset timeouts – automatically lock users with reset passwords if no login
  • Recording event permissions provide engineers with info to troubleshoot recording issues without granting video access
  • Restrict install on unsupported Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Penetration tested for vulnerabilities

Easier system management

Installation and configuration of Synergy requires fewer installers and less manual configuration.


  • Dashboards can be exported to PDF
  • Auto-focus home preset ensures different camera types are not left out of focus when returned to their home position
  • Camera import validation improves data quality and prevents issues when importing cameras
  • DVR channel status is easier to monitor on customised views

More integration options

Delivering integrations to third-party hardware and software is critical to our value proposition as a flexible security and surveillance solutions provider. 

Access Control with Paxton and xPlan

  • Enabling seamless control and status reporting of physical hardware and real-time notification on critical events, all from within the Synergy user interface
  • Receive proactive event notifications and control physical access control hardware from maps and macros

Point of Sale with PDQ

  • Display of POS terminal transactions overlaid on top of live Synergy video in real-time
  • Receipt view to allow retrospective reviews or auditing of receipts
  • Reports to identify fraudulent transactions or typical frauds on cash tills
  • Setting up of custom dataveillance queries to filter down to specific transactions or a set of transactions
  • Convert the custom queries into alarms to proactively watch for data anomalies/values that break the set threshold and generate alarms for the operator

Re-deployable Devices

  • Videosoft re-deployable camera now integrated with Synergy, supporting live video, PTZ and PSN recording
  • WCCTV help points enable two-way audio communication between re-deployable Help Points and control room operators to provide real-time assistance to people in distress

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