Mark your calendars for two significant events during April: the CCTV User Group and AUCSO Conferences. We're pleased to announce our participation, where we will showcase the latest advancements in Synergy's public space security and surveillance solution.

AUCSO Conference 2024
Date: From 8th April

Join us at Stand 1 during the AUCSO Conference 2024, where we will showcase the latest innovations within Synergy tailored for university environments. Discover how these developments can enhance safety and security for students, staff, and facilities alike.

We are excited to distribute our AI surveillance best practice guide, designed to empower your team with insights on effectively leveraging AI and analytics. Learn how these tools can improve incident response, streamline investigations, and optimise resource management.


CCTV User Group's Annual Conference & Showcase Security Exhibition 2024
Date: From 22nd April

The event will feature presentations from key figures in the UK security industry, regulatory bodies, and academia. Additionally, members will share their invaluable case studies and advancements in CCTV.

Jonathan Squires, Synectics, will delve into the future of security and surveillance, particularly focusing on the role of AI. In his session on Tuesday, 23 April, he will address prevalent concerns regarding costs, benefits, and ROI challenges. Furthermore, he'll dispel myths surrounding AI implementation while presenting compelling business cases.


We look forward to seeing you at these events, where we'll demonstrate how Synergy security and surveillance software continues to redefine the landscape of public space surveillance.

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