Surveillance is a valuable asset for casinos. When integrated with AI-driven analytics, this value increases significantly. To illustrate, here are four ways AI surveillance can lead to better gaming operations

1. Simplified regulatory compliance 

Surveillance and regulatory compliance go hand in hand. In many regions worldwide, lost surveillance coverage results in fines and possible closures. But did you know AI-driven analytics can help with compliance in other areas?

For example, integrating your security and surveillance system with facial recognition, staff communications, and access control is an easy way to comply with ‘self-declared’ gambler identification rules. This is not only a regulatory requirement but also an ethical obligation. 

AI can also automate regulated equipment checks. For instance, in some jurisdictions, authorities must be alerted to any camera scene changes within a strict time period. AI-based video analytics can instantly check that thousands of cameras are ‘scene compliant’, saving you time, effort, and potential fines.

2. Better preventative and reactive security  

Use AI-based video analytics to detect people, behaviour, and objects that may put your business at risk. For instance, loitering around cash cages, sudden crowd formation in pit areas, or tailgating through restricted access points. Facial recognition will also alert you to watchlist persons of interest. 

While weapons should not pass standard security measures, analytics can also detect when objects, such as knives, guns, etc., are being held by an individual on the premises and trigger emergency response protocols through integrated workflows. 

From a counter-fraud perspective, you can integrate video analytics and table game analysis to detect deviations in play patterns and suspicious hand movements and link play stats with dealer rosters to detect collusion. 

3. Build customer loyalty

Customers who enjoy their experience return repeatedly, which applies as much to VIP high rollers as everyday patrons. Use AI-based surveillance to ensure they keep coming back. 

Linking facial recognition, membership databases and access control means your system can spot and seamlessly grant access to exclusive areas based on membership level. 

It can also learn customer behaviour patterns and correlate these with service provision. For instance, it can inform hospitality teams of players' food and drink preferences at a particular table or automate comp provision based on the frequency of visits over a set period. 

4. Plan based on what works  

AI-based surveillance isn’t just useful for ‘in-the-moment’ detection. Use insights from analytics applied over time to see what works best in your casino and to plan future developments accordingly. 

Does adding a specific slot machine create more foot flow to a particular area? Does the position of that machine impact dwell and play levels in nearby zones? What win rate setting yields optimum results regarding dwell and play levels? 

By integrating video analytics to monitor footfall and crowd density by their zones, you can obtain valuable data for informed business planning. 

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