Efficiently balancing strict surveillance management protocols with protecting guests' privacy, all while ensuring customer service excellence. This is the challenge casinos and integrated resorts face 24/7. This blog looks at five features within Synergy that make tackling this challenge much easier.

1. Protect the privacy of guests

Synergy enables surveillance managers to apply blackouts to any area of footage based on authorisation levels. So, while all surveillance team members can access and interrogate footage to investigate incidents, only users with the correct clearance can see 'unmasked' footage.

2. Recognise who's on your gaming floor

Synergy integrates with AI-driven facial recognition platforms to help you monitor persons of interest in real time. Combining Synergy's alarm management functionality and blocklist/allowlist databases with facial recognition, managers are alerted if a person attempts entry into the premises. This functionality can also track when VIPs or high rollers are present so hospitality teams can proactively be aware of any specific requirements.

3. Get the full picture

Upload maps as CAD or images to navigate your property layouts using Synergy's mapping functionality. Synergy can present camera information and integrated device data as 'glanceable' interactive icons and category clusters. This gives users a more efficient display of information that can be easily 'drilled into'. Perfect for casinos and resorts with large camera counts and multiple zones to monitor.

And with tools such as automatic camera plotting, you can also be confident that any floor layout changes won't require lengthy re-programming of cameras.

4. Never miss a thing

Synectics Intelligent Edge Recording (SIER) mitigates the risk of footage loss by using the built-in camera memory to store a cache of video footage.

The SD card is only used if the Synectics IP camera cannot connect to networked storage hardware. Synergy's backfilling functionality automatically captures this data and restores it to the server once available.

In addition to guaranteeing uninterrupted footage for gaming regulation compliance, this extra redundancy mechanism avoids potential issues such as SD card malfunction or data loss due to overwriting. It also avoids constantly replacing SD cards, offering significant labour and cost savings for larger casinos and resorts.

5. Keep your infrastructure up to date

Keeping track of surveillance and security system assets can make it difficult for large casinos and integrated resorts to troubleshoot configuration or equipment compatibility issues.

The Asset Register feature within Synergy solves this by presenting critical configuration, licensing, and version information for system hardware and software components. It allows managers, engineers, and authorised support teams to see everything they need to ensure the system runs smoothly, all through a single pane of glass.