Predicting Issues, Preventing Problems

We help organizations identify and address maintenance issues before they escalate, to avoid unnecessary and costly downtime, and mitigate any safety risk to staff and/or members of the public.

Detecting danger by integrating data

Synectics specializes in helping organizations identify and mitigate risk. That doesn’t always mean focusing on security. For sites where industrial processes and sound physical infrastructure are vital to operations, equipment degradation, malfunction, and mechanical failure can threaten profits, service provision, and, even more importantly, human life.

Being able to spot details that indicate a bigger potential issue is critical for these customers and a priority for us – one reflected in our range of COEX hazardous and safe area camera stations.

For example, our radiometric-enabled COEX thermal camera stations ‒ used in conjunction with Synergy 3 ‒ allow operators to set areas of interest within a camera’s specific field of view (for example a row of compressors, motors, or pipes), assign temperature thresholds to those areas, and then ‘see’ heat variations that may be indicative of wear and tear, or imminent failure. Synergy 3 can integrate with any type of camera, whether Synectics, third-party, static, mobilized, or even drone-mounted for hard or dangerous-to-inspect areas, in order to detect potential problems.

But not all potential failures can be seen, even when using specialist cameras. Gas meters, fire/smoke detection systems, humidity/moisture indicators, motion detection, vibration indicators, temperature gauges - one, some, or all these systems can be vital in detecting signs of imminent equipment or process failure. With Synergy 3, this isn’t an issue. Data from any third-party subsystem or edge device can be integrated and monitored against set parameters to immediately flag anomalies that may signify a potential problem.

Automating responsive action

Identifying risk indicators at the earliest opportunity is just the first step. Our end-to-end solutions also ensure that, from this point on, issues are dealt with quickly, efficiently, and ‒ from an operator’s perspective ‒ effortlessly.

They do this by using Synergy 3’s integral rules engine and workflow capabilities to trigger automated maintenance protocols based on the specific data received or risk detected.

For example, thermal readings showing hot spots – a sign of overheating or potential degradation – prompt an on-screen alert at a central command center. This alert initiates a maintenance workflow which, on verification by the operator, uses integrated staff databases and communications systems to automatically message maintenance crew members with details of the issue and relevant location co ordinates. The same crew members can then, using their mobiles or smart devices, enter a simple code to confirm task completion, all of which is logged by the central system.

From energy distributors using drones to identify tree growth near power lines, to rail operators analyzing track and on-vehicle diagnostic sensors to detect signs of wear and tear, our solutions provide the means to make sense of operationally critical data, and a way to easily schedule and deploy remedial maintenance to prevent costly downtime, keep services running, and to ensure safety is prioritized at all times.

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