As the surveillance technologies we use have advanced, so too has the volume and complexity of data produced. This has forced a rethink in data storage; Storage Area Networks (SAN) present a new option for surveillance data storage.

When it comes to data storage, one size clearly does not fit all. 

In the white paper we cover current storage options for video surveillance, key features of a Storage Area Network, how SAN compares to Direct and Network Attached Storage, and the emergence of cloud storage.


New solutions require additional security considerations

Direct and Network Attached Storage systems have benefited from years of development in terms of protecting them against internal and external data attack.

Government legislation varies depending on the geographic location of a deployment, but in order for video to be presented in court, surveillance system operators need to prove it has not been tampered with and that the evidence chain is intact.

Operators need to ascertain who might have looked at video surveillance footage and why.

The good news is that it is now possible for steps to be taken to ensure that a SAN deployment enjoys the same level of reliability, security, and integrity that DAS and NAS systems have attained.

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