Synectics has designed and delivered an integrated security management solution for the new Terminal 3 at Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Airport operator PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) - (AP II) required a reliable, resilient, and scalable end-to-end solution that provided a single control environment and supported integration with the airport’s multiple edge device sub-systems.

Working in partnership with systems integrator Jaya Teknik, part of the Jaya Group of companies, Synectics supplied an integrated, end-to-end security and safety solution with Synergy 3 command and control.

Jaya Group is building the terminal building and associated infrastructure at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, including a new rail terminal.

About Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

The busiest airport in Southeast Asia, Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International was listed as the world’s 12th busiest airport in 2014, with passenger numbers of over 57 million.

The development of Terminal 3 is taking place, along with the revitalization of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, as part of the Indonesian Government’s plans to boost annual passenger numbers beyond 60 million people.

Located on the eastern side of the airport, the new 380,000m2 Terminal 3 building will increase the airport’s capacity with an additional 25 million passengers per year.

Integrated security management solution

The airport security and safety solution is comprised of Synectics’ Synergy 3 integrated security management solution and digital recording system. Synergy 3 will monitor and manage more than 6,000 integrated safety and security edge devices from a range of sub-systems; including CCTV cameras, access control panels, fire alarm points, baggage X-ray scanners, and intelligent video analytics.

A flexible, open platform that is database-agnostic, Synergy 3 enables alarms and events, security and process control sub-systems, video, and data to be monitored, recorded, and managed from a single unified operator interface.

The fully customizable user interface and user-driven dynamic workflows that ensure compliance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were key features for AP II. An essential component for highly regulated environments, Synergy 3 workflows automate and track operator reactions to defined alarm conditions with multiple “if/and/or” decision points and specify explicit procedures to follow for each.

Intelligent video analytics

Working in partnership with advanced video analytics provider Ipsotek, Synectics’ solution incorporates integration with 168 channels of video analytics in Synergy 3 to enable automated security intelligence, triggering alarms from preconfigured rules, and the recognition of behavior patterns.

Data from analytics alerts is displayed on site maps to show operators quickly and clearly where incidents or potential threats are located. Application of the advanced analytics will include traffic management around the terminal apron, perimeter protection, intrusion detection, exit lane monitoring, cargo loading zone security, virtual turnstiles, removed and left object detection, passenger counting, and automatic PTZ tracking.

Linda Hadi, Vice Director at Jaya Teknik TICT Division, said: “Synectics was selected for this project because it was able to demonstrate extensive experience in designing and delivering mission-critical solutions. It was essential we selected a partner who could provide a reliable, resilient, and scalable solution that supported integration with multiple edge device sub-systems. Another critical factor was the need to have access to dedicated local support, which Synectics provides through its regional office in Singapore.”

“Synectics was selected for this project because they were able to demonstrate extensive experience in designing and delivering mission-critical solutions.”

Linda Hadi, Vice Director, Jaya Teknik TICT Division