Discover how to optimise your security and surveillance operations with these five powerful techniques.

1. Streamline your camera count

Imagine achieving exceptional security coverage with fewer cameras. It's possible! Investing in innovative fisheye, multi-sensor panoramic, or 4K models can dramatically reduce the number of cameras required to get the job done.

For example, the wider visual range of 4K cameras means you reduce the number of cameras across your site, slashing hardware and maintenance costs. But that's not all – these advanced cameras also unlock new possibilities for enhanced surveillance optimisation, such as cutting-edge AI analytics.

2. Unleash the power of AI analytics

At a recent customer forum, control room teams identified AI analytics as a key technology to supercharge their productivity. And they are right. By leveraging AI analytics, you can analyse data from numerical, video, and audio sources in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take.

For example, AI analytics can help you improve processes, from determining optimal staff-to-visitor ratios to testing evacuation protocols for foolproof preparedness planning.

3. Embrace automation

In a fast-paced control room environment, every second counts. That's why workflow features within surveillance software are indispensable for achieving effective operations. Workflows provide on-screen guidance for the most appropriate actions based on real-time data, all while adhering to your standard operating procedures and regulatory requirements.

For example, automate critical actions like area lockdowns, lighting adjustments, staff dispatch, and communication through public address systems. By automating tasks during critical incidents, you save time, reduce workloads, and boost day-to-day operational efficiency.

4. Simplify system maintenance

Setting up systems, performing equipment health checks, and reconfiguring cameras are unavoidable tasks in the surveillance world. However, they don't have to consume excessive time and resources. With built-in tools, you can simplify these processes and save valuable time.

For example, centralised scene-check technology automates camera checks at specified intervals, detecting deviations and issuing alerts for operator review.

5. Activate your data

Opt for surveillance software equipped with dynamic dashboards and tailored reporting tools. These invaluable features not only save time but also transform incident data, operator activity, and analytics insights into actionable intelligence.

For example, gain a better understanding of threats, increase efficiencies, plan resources effectively, and report accurately.

Maximise your surveillance operations today!

By implementing these strategies, you can take your security and surveillance operations to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness. Seize the opportunity to take full advantage of your systems by enhancing your analytics capabilities, embracing automation, and simplifying maintenance. Stay one step ahead and empower your team with the tools they need to excel.