Here are three ways you’ll benefit from combining your Synergy software and Synectics IP cameras to help save time, improve productivity and enhance security. 

Simplified and efficient set-up  

Setting up cameras, especially for large-scale deployments, can be complicated and time-consuming. But it needn't be. In Synergy, specific settings can be configured and checked without leaving the control room. These include: 

  • Picture settings relating to colour, brightness and WDR applied by camera type and location 

  • Detailed set-up configuration relating to resolution and frame rate  

This is ideal for indoor locations like casinos with consistent yet challenging lighting conditions. In addition to saving time, it also helps ensure greater consistency in picture quality, removing the risk of configuration variations which can occur when setting up cameras manually.  

Easier configuration and control 

Any subsequent updates to camera configurations can also be made en masse with no lengthy re-programming required, perfect for facilities where layouts can change frequently. Auto-plotting cross-references camera locations on a CAD map to the corresponding cameras in Synergy, removing the need to ‘re-add’ cameras to Synergy when they are relocated.  

Of course, it's not just layouts that can change. Recording requirements can too, in line with revised internal policies or external regulatory demands. In this instance, operators can use ‘recording templates’ (including information on retention periods) as part of camera import capabilities.  

And for surveillance teams that like specific macro shortcuts for crucial or frequently used camera commands, these can also be applied at the camera level – not just camera type – offering added flexibility. For example, a frequent customer use case is where macros are deployed to carry out a specific automated task or series of tasks. 

Faster health assessments 

Built-in redundancy measures within Synergy, such as hot swap recording, mean surveillance operators can breathe easy, assured of guaranteed continuous coverage. However, knowing when cameras have an issue is vital for effective network management.  

With Synergy, a simple colour coding system provides 'at-a-glance' information regarding the health status of all networked IP cameras, enabling maintenance tasks to be prioritised accordingly and engineers to have details of the specific issue.  

Synergy's Asset Register also provides an up-to-date and accurate record of system configuration, licensing, and version information about hardware and software components, including cameras. This allows managers, engineers, and authorised support teams to quickly access everything they need to ensure the system runs smoothly, all through a single pane of glass. This includes any camera configuration or software issues that require attention.