A foreigner-only destination property with a global reputation, Gongzi Jeju is leveraging Synergy to enhance property security, improve operational efficiency, and achieve real-time customer satisfaction.

Located inside the luxury Ramada Plaza Hotel on Jeju — the Korean resort island — Gongzi Jeju Casino is a foreigner-only destination property with a global reputation. Though smaller in size than the mega-casinos of Singapore and Macau it was designed to emulate, the 40,000 square feet property features 45 gaming tables, extensive slot zones, and VIP areas.

Gongzi Jeju Casino is distinctive in terms of its focus on technology to meet its business ambitions. Operating 24/7, Gongzi Jeju boasts a state-of-the-art Synergy surveillance system and has leveraged the technology's capabilities to enhance property security, improve operational efficiency, and achieve real-time customer satisfaction.

Tailored surveillance to meet exact needs

The Synergy system adopted by Gongzi, with full server failover and data replication for optimal uptime and surveillance footage reliability, has been tailored to deliver third-party integrations and management workflows based on the casino's exact operational needs.

"I'd seen what Synectics' solutions are capable of from my time in Singapore and Macau," explains Jonas Bautista, Manager of Surveillance & Security at Gongzi Jeju. "Given our mission here to match global competitors and deliver a world-class experience, it made sense that the management team selected Synergy.

"Perhaps what has surprised me, though, is how well and easily we've been able to incorporate the system's features to enhance our specific operational set-up."

Keeping customer satisfaction high

Integrating the property's cameras, security systems, access control, and directly with gaming table solutions such as Angel Eye Baccarat shoes, Synergy enables the control room's surveillance operatives to investigate alerts from the casino floor rapidly and comprehensively.

"This isn't just important for security," says Bautista, "it's also about reputation. You inevitably get customers who query their luck or how a game is going. With Synergy, our surveillance team can review gaming data and footage, access reports and images, immediately send this information to our staff at the tables, and keep customers satisfied. We find the ability to select and attach media for secure inter-department communication extremely useful."

"Similarly, if a customer loses or believes a possession was stolen, the alert gets flagged to the control room team, who can review footage and respond in real-time. Therefore, we can quickly assist in finding items or investigate security issues for a swift resolution. The advanced mapping capabilities in Synergy are particularly important here, as we can pinpoint any location incredibly quickly. Synergy puts facts at fingertips, which for our business, is crucial."

Operational efficiency driven by workflows

Synergy's workflow functionality allows casinos to create tailored sets of rules and alerts designed to support the secure and smooth delivery of property-specific processes — from maintenance tasks to fraud response.

"It's a feature we have started using but are still to explore fully," continues Jonas. "At the moment, we've primarily adopted it to guide personnel handling issues that might otherwise have required a call to our tech team. For example, if one of our cameras goes offline, Synergy triggers the necessary guidance for operators to follow. It's already saving us time and effort, and this is quite a simple application of the feature — compared to what we know is possible."

"We're also using the solution to make other key processes more secure and consistent. For instance, with banking runs, our control room team uses Synergy to check for specific IDs, permissions, and shift information to ensure the right people are carrying out the right tasks at exactly the right time."

Customer-focused expert support

While technical capabilities and reliability were essential factors in Gongzi Jeju Casino's selection of Synergy, another important consideration was training and ongoing support.

Jonas explains: "This is not Macau and Singapore. However, the engineering and training support we received from Synectics in the build-up to opening was beyond exceptional. What I mean by that is that the solutions experts that helped design and set up systems for some of the world's biggest casinos made sure we received the same level of expertise to make the most of our solution."

"What's more, since we opened that level of support hasn't dropped. We are still looking at ways to do things better, to grow, to improve our capabilities, and that's a collaborative process with Synectics' global team."

In fact, we are working on a couple of new developments right now that were triggered by us asking if something was possible. It's reassuring, given our future plans, as we know we've got a technology partner that can help us achieve them."